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  • The Creative Chef

For the Curious-Minded who Enjoy Experimenting in the Kitchen, or the Health-Conscious Wanting to Learn How to Incorporate Superfoods and Adaptogens (Plants & Mushrooms) into Every Day Meals.

This Box Includes:

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Books(Various & Will Depend on Availability):
      •Superfoods: Superfoods Guide for Incorporating Essential Nutrients Into Our Diets to Heal Our Exhausted, Stressed Bodies, and Boost the Immune System. This New Book Offers Extensive Advice on How and What to Buy, Grow, Prepare and Cook for a Healthy Lifestyle
      •ADAPTOGENS: Herbs for Longevity Cookbook: "Adaptogenic Herbs—Like Ginseng, Cordyceps, and Rhodiola—Work to Counteract the Effects of Stresses on the Body. Used for Millennia in Eastern Healing, They Have Now Become Popular Again.
      •Rustic Joyful Food: My Heart’s Table Cookbook: Showcasing Rising Seattle Food Star Danielle Kartes and her Unique and Delicious Recipes. Rachael Ray, an American Cook and Television Personality Noted, “Like Me, Danielle Realizes that Food is the Great Connector—A Conduit to Bring People Together Around the Table and Create New Memories.”
Silicone Jar Opener: Made with Food Grade Silicone
Stainless Steel, Wood Bench Scraper: A Great Tool for Dough
Marble Mortar & Pestle: Grind Spices, Crush Garlic, Flavor Salts & Sugars
Acacia Wood Salad / Stirring Spoon
Silicone Spatula: Built-In Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant
Measure Equivalents Magnet: Stainless Steel
Measuring Cups & Spoons: Stainless Steel, 7 Embedded Cups, 6 Stacked Spoons
Flour Sack Towel: Thick and Absorbent, 100% Pure, All-Natural, Ring-Spun Cotton